You're in the army now

Gucci ss 11

Love Guccis spring/summer collection. Especially the belts (!), bags and shoes. Adorable.

Hello Topshop!

I was a little bit disappointed in Topshop last fall, but now they are back. I could have put together far more than 3 outfits if you know what I'm saying? And the best thing? It's cheap.
Lucky I have already booked my flight to London in a few weeks. Enormous Topshop on Oxford Circus - here.I.come.


Janis Joplin - Summertime

Front row

Versace FW 11/12


Sorry for the bad update. I've been having a wonderful weekend in Paris, but now I'm heading home and getting back in to my old routines.

Everyday outfit

Summer in the past

Current obsession


Spending time in Paris

I've been playing this in my headphones all day, while walking around in the grey, but beautiful Paris.

Why we love Elin Kling

Simplicity, basics and great brands.
(Pictures from her blog;

Different kinds of red

Casual friday

Alexa Chung

Three Times Is A Charm

Cat-eye. Square. Grey.


Sneak-peak of what I wore last summer.


Welcome spring with green and summer with orange.

What you have to have - according to Saks

Do you agree?

Chic in black

Loosing my religion

Summer is around the corner

Living in the past

Aint no sunshine when she's gone


Time for some food

- Hungry

In the summer

Marry me?

I want to get married with Matthew Williamsons dresses. And if that isn't possible at least I want to get married in one. Preferably the one to the left. I want want want it!

On my mind

Why don't make the spring more beautiful by putting a hat on our heads?
There are too many to choose. But I think the one from Topshop and the one from Rag & Bone are my spring favourites.
Beach 2011 and me in the striped John Lewis hat can't be wrong either..

Velvet and pearls

Today I am going to be a lady!
And to make things more fun I'm matching velvet with pearls with leather with lace. And Blue with black with silver with white with diamonds.

Hilfiger featuring Patrick

Mix Hilfinger with Kiel James Patrick, and this is what you get - "the Hilfiger-family".

Dancing on my own

Carin Wester

My shadow is following me

Will you be my friend Karen?

Karen Millen

Handcuff me

Heidi Klein.

A sense of humor

Round framed sunglasses, colorful handbag, fruity t-shirt, leathery pants and a pair of manly shoes. I'm dressed.
Got inspired today at a visit to the new vagabond store. Lots of gorgeous (!) shoes. I bought this pair. And I will use them.

Living in a sushi world

I'm making sushi. What if the world were made of sushi..

Who is watching?

Two Face Watch. Urban outfitters. £32.00.

Gucci ss 11 Cravings

Gucci spring 2011.
Belt with tassels. Genius.
I want a tassel hanging around my waist. Why not take the hole camel outfit to the left?

Hi there

New adress, new look. This is hopefully going to be an inspiring fashion blog with everyday outfits and.. just things that makes me happy. I will probably write a lot about my own style, but also mix it up with other things. Maybe some music?
You are very welcome to do an input and say what you think of the things I write and how I can improve it.

Work in progress...

work in progress

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